ENSCO Rail’s New Clearance Measurement Services Allow Railways to Understand the Limits of Railway Corridor

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Springfield, Va., February 3, 2021

LiDAR Processed into 2D Profiles
LiDAR Processed into 2D Profiles

ENSCO Rail has launched a new railway clearance measurement service offering to capture corridor structure gage (minimum clearance), identify encroachments into defined clearance envelopes, and to help railways plan for future corridor modifications or new rollingstock.

Additionally, ENSCO Rail Clearance Measurement Services provide track center distances and platform/track interface analysis.

Measurements are made with ENSCO’s Track Inspection Vehicle equipped with a LiDAR distance laser that produces a high-resolution, 3D virtual model of a railway corridor. ENSCO Rail software provides both real time alerts of clearance encroachments as well as office-based tools to run a variety of analyses in support of network operations planning.

“ENSCO Rail has a long history of propelling rail track inspection forward to make rail transport safer and more efficient,” states ENSCO President Boris Nejikovksy. “Our Clearance Measurement System provides the clearance assessment data that helps prevent delays, closures and accidents. We are proud to introduce this technology as a service, allowing rail inspection personnel to get the same benefits at a fraction of the cost of ownership.”

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