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Falls Church, Va., November 3, 2016

Bloombert on ENSCO - The Private Sector Steps Up – Defending against threats to homeland security is no longer just the government's jobENSCO, Inc. is pleased to announce that a number of its homeland security solutions were recently featured in Bloomberg Business Weekly.

Bloomberg Business Week published an article, "The Private Sector Steps Up – Defending against threats to homeland security is no longer just the government's job", Oct. 31, that focused on homeland security and featured an interview with ENSCO Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Dr. Scott Goldstein.

Dr. Goldstein outlined the role that the private sector plays in the prevention of threats to homeland security. He cited the broad range of industries against which violent actions could do devastating harm, including oil and gas manufacturers, power companies, hospitals, banking, and organizations that control waterways or manage any venue where large crowds gather. Scott emphasized that threats are no longer confined to more familiar targets, such as airports, public transportation, and federal buildings, and thus the private sector plays a critical role in threat prevention.

The article highlighted ENSCO's work in threat assessments, the MicroSearch® human presence detection system, CBRNe warning and decision support (SENTRY), and contract work in the areas of bio-threat detection and sensor optimization.

Visit the Bloomberg website to download the article: https://www.bloombergmedia.com/tools/custompublishing

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