ENSCO will Participate in the Corrections Technology Association’s 2022 Technology Summit

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MicroSearch® Team will showcase the Contactless Vehicle Sensor to prevent stowaways from hiding in vehicles

Springfield, Va., June 2, 2022

ENSCO, Inc. will be showcasing at the 2022 CTA Technology Summit, June 12-15, at the Hilton Ballpark Hotel in St. Louis, Miss., exhibiting in booth 10. ENSCO will be displaying the advanced capabilities of its MicroSearch® Human Presence Detection System (HPDS) technology. MicroSearch will demonstrate three configurations of the technology: the Wired System, the Wireless System and the newly developed Contactless Vehicle Sensor (CVS) System.

MicroSearch is a one-of-a-kind technology that detects humans hiding in vehicles or shipping containers loaded on vehicles through unique sensors placed on or near vehicles that detect the presence of a human heartbeat. Through the CVS technology, an inspection is performed without touching or placing anything on the vehicle, offering greater portability, flexibility, and safety during inspections at correctional facilities, border crossings, ferry ports, seaports, and high-value facilities.

“ENSCO is pleased to showcase at the 2022 CTA Technology Summit,” states ENSCO President Boris Nejikovsky. “This summit is an important event that brings together leaders from Corrections Agencies and offers an excellent opportunity for ENSCO to showcase our Human Presence Detection System. We look forward to demonstrating our capabilities and how we may contribute to greater confidence in security systems through innovative engineering.”

About the CTA Technology Summit

The CTA Technology Summit theme of “The Gateway to Innovation” promises to deliver a compelling program of topics and presentations to attract IT professionals from across North America. The focused makeup of attendees offers exhibitors an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their products and services, and form lasting relationships with potential customers. Since 1999, CTA has provided a forum to promote the exchange of information, experience, and knowledge among correctional agencies. Through the years, the association has actively led the development of standards and promoted collaboration and sharing of data and systems across states. CTA’s annual meeting offers its members an unsurpassed opportunity to learn about new technologies and, above all else, allows corrections technologists the opportunity to network with their peers.

About ENSCO, Inc.

ENSCO, Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiaries, represent a $140 million international technology enterprise, headquartered in the Washington, D.C., area. For more than 50 years, the ENSCO group of companies has been providing leading-edge engineering, science and advanced technology solutions to governments and private industries worldwide. ENSCO operates in the aerospace, national security, surface transportation and cybersecurity sectors and focuses on technologies, products and services to support the safety, security, reliability and efficiency of customer missions. Field offices and subsidiaries, representatives and partnerships are located throughout the United States and around the world. Learn more about ENSCO

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