ENSCO Awarded SenseNet Project from the Department of Homeland Security

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Springfield, Va., April 17, 2019

ENSCO, Inc. is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract for SenseNet Phases IIB and III, “A Systems Approach to Low-Cost Indoor Environmental Monitoring,” in support of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T). SenseNet is a DHS-sponsored project to develop a low-cost integrated sensor system that can provide detection of biological and environmental health hazards in buildings and other high occupancy facilities.

During Phases I and IIA of the program, ENSCO developed and successfully demonstrated a prototype system showing its design would operate for a variety of buildings. ENSCO’s innovative design implements a tiered system, which uses sensors to detect possible biological releases and employs algorithms to distinguish between naturally occurring events and those that may be threats, which then triggers automated sample collection, preparation and confirmation.

ENSCO’s design has demonstrated that the ultimate device may achieve the criteria of high probability of detection, low false alarm rate, and low cost. Based on the demonstration using this design, ENSCO was awarded a contract for the next phase, which contract is intended to result in a fully operational prototype ready for more extensive testing.

With this award, ENSCO will continue to develop, integrate, test, and demonstrate a tiered aerosol detection system that combines low-cost and rapid dedicated environmental monitoring sensors with newly emerging commercial sensors being used by citizens and facility owners for air quality, pollution tracking, and building efficiency purposes.

“We are proud of this contract win,” states Boris Nejikovsky, President, ENSCO, Inc. “This new contract allows ENSCO to continue to apply its skills in CBRNe monitoring, modeling and risk assessment. We look forward to the work for DHS S&T to develop and demonstrate a commercially feasible and reliable Biological Hazard Detection System, available to both government and private industry customers.”

The projected value for the 18-month Phase IIB, as well as the 12-month Phase III Option, is more than $5 million.


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