ENSCO Awarded SenseNet Project from the Department of Homeland Security

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Falls Church, Va., August 25, 2016

ENSCO, Inc. is pleased to announce it has been awarded the SenseNet project from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

SenseNet is a DHS-sponsored project to develop a low-cost integrated sensor system that can provide detection of biological and environmental health hazards in buildings and other high occupancy facilities.

During Phase 1 of the program, ENSCO developed a simulator that demonstrated how its design would operate for a variety of hypothetical buildings. ENSCO’s solution was a two tiered-system: Tier 1 used particle sensors as triggers for the event, and Tier 2 confirmed the event with a PCR analyzer. This design allowed ENSCO to meet the difficult criteria of a high probability of detection, an extremely low false alarm rate, and low cost. Based on this successful design and simulation, ENSCO was awarded a contract for the next phase, July 21.

During the next phase of the project ENSCO will develop, integrate and demonstrate a tiered aerosol detection system that combines low-cost and rapid dedicated environmental monitoring sensors with newly emerging commercial sensors that are being used by citizens and facility owners for air quality, pollution tracking, and building efficiency purposes.

“We are proud of this contract win,” states Boris Nejikovsky, President of ENSCO, Inc. “This project capitalizes on ENSCO's strength and unique capabilities in CBRNe risk assessment, modeling and monitoring. We look forward to working with the DHS to create a Biological Hazards Detection System that meets security needs now and in the future.”

The projected value for this two-year project is more than $4 million.

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