Dr. Steven Chrismer Joins ENSCO as Senior Project Engineer for Rail

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Focused on providing research, consulting and testing services

Falls Church, Va., August 11, 2017

Dr. Steven Chrismer
Dr. Steven Chrismer
Senior Project Engineer
Applied Technology and Engineering Division

ENSCO, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Steven Chrismer, Ph.D., to its Applied Technology and Engineering Division staff.

In his new role as Senior Project Engineer for rail, Dr. Chrismer will lead ENSCO’s efforts focused on providing research, consulting and testing services to the railroad and transit industries in the areas of vehicle design, vehicle dynamics, vehicle/track interactions, and passenger rail safety.

“We are enthusiastic about bringing Steve Chrismer onto ENSCO’s rail technology staff,” states Jeff Stevens, Vice President of the Applied Technology and Engineering Division. “His wide range of experience is a strong complement to ENSCO’s existing capabilities, and will help us deliver the products and services that improve the safety and efficiency of freight and passenger trains throughout the world.”

Chrismer brings to ENSCO more than 35 years of experience improving track and vehicle engineering in both the freight and passenger railway industries. Prior to joining ENSCO, he worked at LTK Engineering and performed a variety of technical investigations of vehicles, including investigations of rail and wheel wear problems, vehicle-track forces, and vehicle dynamics. Previously, Chrismer worked for Amtrak for five years, where he implemented numerous practices to improve track geometry and ride quality in advance of 160 mph service, as well as the high-speed stability of Acela trainsets. He also spent 16 years performing engineering research for the Association of American Railroads, where he concentrated in the areas of geotechnical engineering, track and vehicle engineering, vehicle/track interaction, and vehicle dynamics.

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