Full engineering, certification and display development solutions for UAS airborne and ground-based systems

Exploiting Technology Without Sacrificing Safety

The growth of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for both military and civilian applications has exploded, with applications ranging from agriculture and law enforcement to search and rescue. In response to the commercial sector’s push to further develop the industry, the FAA has mandated guidance for UAS use in civilian airspace, requiring UAS providers to follow strict safety-critical guidelines to ensure the National Air Space remains safe—or even safer—than it is today.

    Applying Experience to the UAS Market

    ENSCO Avionics’ experience in software design, development and testing helps ensure UAS air framers and control system providers follow required airworthiness guidelines when deploying software systems. We combine our expertise in situational awareness, full life cycle engineering, and commercial and military standards with proven proprietary tools and processes to offer certification and display development solutions for next-generation UAS airborne and ground-based systems.

    Commercial and military industry standard experience includes

    • ARINC 661
    • FACE™ — aligned with the FACE™ Technical Standard
    • DO-178C
    • DO-278A
    • DO-254

    UAS Solutions: Experience and Proven Methods that Save Time and Money

    • Minimize UAS program cost by leveraging manned- and unmanned-systems development and certification expertise
    • Reduce first-time development cost and schedule with use of the IData® Tool Suite
    • Accelerate time-to-certification by leveraging IData® and IGL® DO-178C Certification Kits
    • Reduce cost when delivering future functionality and upgrades through reuse of IData environment
    • Include operator in the loop prototyping, affordably, to support new missions

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