The Challenge

The next wave of functionality being introduced to the avionics systems—whether as part of a display in the cockpit, passenger aircraft cabin, UAS control system, or operation analyst tools—is synthetic vision. This function promises to deliver unmatched situational awareness and greatly reduce operator workload. Application options to date have been limited to either costly extensions delivered by the provider of the existing avionics system or as separate pre-defined, unalterable software modules by third party suppliers. This leaves customers with two unattractive options, either high cost and/or operational limitations. Additionally, these approaches result in baselines that are unable to easily accommodate future sensor suites and functional upgrades.

    A Tailored SVS Capability

    ENSCO’s SVS Core 2.0 is a software application that enables display system integrators to achieve a tailored SVS capability at a fraction of the cost of internal development. A software-only application that is platform independent and compatible with any avionics system, the SVS Core provides a clear view representation of the environment in all weather conditions and situations. The core serves as the foundation for Underwater SVS and Degraded Visual Environment implementations.

      SVS Core: Improved Safety, Reduced Cost

      • Improves safety through crew situational awareness
      • Reduces training cost through visualizing the scene in an intuitive 3-D environment
      • Affordably adds SVS functionality to avionics system
      • Reduces cycle time and development cost by leveraging existing application investment

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