Tailored Synthetic Vision System (SVS) capability at a fraction of the cost of internal development to achieve increased situational awareness in both brownout and whiteout conditions

DVE: A Potentially Lethal Situation

A Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) is a leading contributor to aircraft fatalities and reduced operational effectiveness, and affects flight operations and safety on a daily basis. Weather, obscurants, or obstacles can be hazardous and even deadly in DVE, whether caused by darkness, snow, rain, blowing sand, dust, fog, smoke, clouds, or brownout conditions. These environments of reduced visibility can hamper operations, affect situational awareness, impact a crew’s spatial orientation, and result in diminished or even loss of aircraft control. Solutions that allow aircraft crews to navigate in DVE are a critical need and a key area of interest for military and commercial applications.

    A Software Application for Increased Situational Awareness

    ENSCO Avionics’ DVE Solution is a software-only application that achieves increased situational awareness in both brownout and whiteout conditions. The platform-independent software application is tailored to platform attributes and mission needs, and enables avionics system providers to achieve a tailored solution at a fraction of the cost of internal development. Compatible with any avionics system, the ENSCO DVE Solution creates a sunny day image in all weather conditions and situations, reducing the impact of DVE on situational awareness and safe operation.

      ENSCO DVE Solution: Improved Situational Awareness, Safer Operations

      • Reduces CFIT by warning crew of proximate terrain in advance of impact
      • Enables crew to maintain situational awareness during reduced visibility
      • Warns crew of small cross-section hazards at oblique angles
      • Affordably adds synthetic vision (SV) functionality to avionics system
      • Reduces cycle time and development costs by leveraging existing application investment when adding new sensor inputs and symbology

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