SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

Seaport-e Quality AssuranceENSCO Task Order Project Managers have overall technical, staffing, quality, and delivery responsibility for task orders under their control and provide direct technical guidance to assigned ENSCO and partner personnel. With the overall ENSCO SeaPort-e Program Manager, they review staffing across all tasks to ensure each task has the required skills and resources for efficient, high-quality product delivery. Each Project Manager will monitor compliance with the Quality Assurance Plan established for the Task Order.

For a large development contract, ENSCO’s Quality Assurance Plan includes a comprehensive automated testing regimen that verifies functionality meets requirements through various stages of integration – unit, application, subsystem, system.

ENSCO is well versed in CMMI, ISO-9000, and Program Management Institute best practices and applies these principles, with common sense, to achieve success while remaining cost effective. We are currently working towards ISO-9000 and AS9100B certification.

ENSCO project management emphasizes quality work, responsive service, and on time and within cost performance. Formal processes, no matter how good, can never take the place of our project teams’ ability to find creative solutions to customers’ challenging problems. The project manager is responsible for staffing the project and closely monitors performance throughout the length of the contract. Our project managers follow procedural and policy guidelines that have been developed and successfully applied during the growth of the company, basing their decisions on the four cornerstones of ENSCO’s business: Quality, Innovation, Service, and Productivity.

All Task Order Project Managers on the proposed ENSCO team are currently experienced in performing within the Task Order environment. As such, they each possess the following necessary attributes:

  • The experience to manage multiple tasks, ensuring that all technical, schedule and cost objectives are achieved and performance efficiencies are leveraged for success.
  • The skill and commitment to maintain open, effective communications at all management and technical levels within ENSCO and with the customer as described by the SOW.
  • The skill to manage rapidly changing task workload and personnel requirements without negatively impacting performance.
  • The skill to accurately estimate all phases of the product development life cycle, including cost benefit analysis and risk mitigation.
  • Extensive experience in software development, enhancements, documentation, testing, quality assurance, field integration, and customer satisfaction.
  • The capabilities to effectively recruit, evaluate, motivate, and retain qualified personnel to fulfil contract requirements across all technical disciplines and geographic locations.
  • A commitment to gathering and implementing lessons-learned feedback for continuous improvement and cost savings.
  • A personal commitment to the philosophy and practice of Quality and 100% Customer Satisfaction that they actively impart to all employees.

Image source: Offical website of the U.S. Navy


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Contracts Manager
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