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National Security

Our commitment to the mission of national security is demonstrated by our work in CBRN solutions, enterprise protection, positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions, knowledge discovery and management, and security products. While the technology is diverse and our work is across industries, it all supports the common mission of bringing the best technology to the challenges that face our nation and our world.

National Security Business Areas

CBRN Solutions, National Security

CBRN Solutions

ENSCO has a 25-year legacy of developing technologies and services that safeguard our customer’s national security missions and valuable assets at home and abroad. We combine commercial-off-the-shelf technologies with innovative enhancements to solve current and future threats.

ENSCO Enterprise Protection-Security Assessments, SENTRY - CBRN Early Warning System

Enterprise Protection

For decades, ENSCO has been providing critical infrastructure protection technology and guidance through enterprise protection, including our CBRN warning and decision support system, which is the leading system of its kind. We also provide world-class security assessments and recommendations to protect personnel, facilities, and operations across the globe.

ENSCO GPS-Denied GeoNav Geolocation-Radio Frequency Positioning, Inertial Navigation and First Responder Tracking

Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Solutions

ENSCO provides superior GPS-denied geolocation and navigation solutions to track and aid first responders, American soldiers, and those working in unusual circumstances, such as GPS-denied environments.

Intelligent Apprentice - Knowledge Management Tool, ENSCO National Security

Intelligent Apprentice™ — Knowledge Discovery and Management

Intelligent Apprentice is a software application for data conversion, storage, search and retrieval. It allows visualization of results geographically, textually and temporally in an efficient, intuitive and secure environment.

ENSCO Security Technology Products-SENTRY and MicroSearch G3

National Security Products

Our many years of experience and success in the development of sensors and sensor systems integration have led us to enter the product arena with security products that support applications in enterprise protection, transportation and shipping, and justice and immigration.


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Intelligent Apprentice™ — Knowledge Discovery and Management
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