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National Security Products

ENSCO supports national security — including domestic preparedness and emergency management — through several security and surveillance technologies. Our many years of experience and success in the development of sensors and sensor systems integration have led us to enter the product arena with national security products that support applications in enterprise protection, transportation and shipping, and justice and immigration.

ENSCO National Security Products

ENSCO SENTRY-Early Warning and Decision Support System

SENTRY — CBRN Early Warning and Decision Support System

A state-of-the-art early warning and decision support system, SENTRY helps government entities, businesses, and private institutions protect against and respond to terrorism, criminal activity and natural disasters.

ENSCO MicroSearch-Border and Port Security Inspection Technology

MicroSearch® — Human Presence Detection System

MicroSearch® is a patented human presence detection system that uses the vibrations of the human heart to detect stowaways hiding in vehicles or containers. It is available in a standard mode and an enhanced mode, which is designed to deliver superior performance in harsh environments, such as seaports, airports and high traffic areas.


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