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Rail Technologies

For more than 45 years, ENSCO’s team of engineers has led the rail industry in developing new, advanced technologies for transportation. ENSCO technology and services help customers improve the quality of their operations while making travel safer.

Rail Business Areas

ENSCO High-speed and Intercity Rail Safety Solutions

High-Speed and Intercity Rail Safety Solutions

ENSCO's unmatched expertise in vehicle/track interaction, track inspection, vehicle evaluation and data management can provide solutions to upgrade track for higher operating speeds, and evaluate new and existing vehicles for high-speed service.

ENSCO Rail Track Inspection Systems

Track Inspection Vehicles and Systems

Assess accurate and objective track conditions through ENSCO's automated measurement and machine vision technologies. Early detection reduces the potential of equipment failures and lowers overall cost to your operations.

ENSCO Rail Track Inspection Services

Track Inspection Services

Cost-effectively build efficiencies through ENSCO's track inspection technologies as contract services. Track geometry, rail profile, joint bar and third rail inspections can be accomplished using ENSCO’s state of the art equipment and knowledgeable personnel.

ENSCO Vehicle Testing and Evaluation

Vehicle Testing and Evaluation

Verify vehicle system specifications and demonstrate safe operations with ENSCO’s vehicle testing and evaluation processes, including identification of hazardous motions and conditions, measurement of dynamic forces, assessment of wheel/rail interface, measurement of noise levels, and ride quality.

ENSCO Vehicle Track Interaction Solutions

Vehicle/Track Interaction Solutions

Troubleshoot before problems occur. ENSCO's full range of vehicle/track interaction testing and simulation identifies excessive and potentially hazardous conditions.

ENSCO Rail Track Asset Management

Track Asset Management

Accurately know the location and condition of track assets. ENSCO's asset management products work together to safely and efficiently maintain assets.

ENSCO Rail Safety and Security

Rail Safety and Security

Gain workable solutions to keep your passengers and railroad personnel safe and secure. ENSCO’s Rail Emergency Evacuation Simulator trains first responders. Our Positive Train Control (PTC) independent verification and validation processes insure PTC integrity. Our vulnerability assessments mitigate vulnerabilities while ensuring uninterrupted operations.

ENSCO Rail Key Customers

Rail Key Customers

ENSCO has provided rail technologies, solutions, services and products to customers for more than 45 years. Our customers come from all rail communities, including passenger, freight and transit. In addition, we provide support to architecture and engineering firms, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), vehicle manufacturers, and rail construction companies.


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