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Intelligent Apprentice™ — Knowledge Discovery and Management

A fast, effective web-based research and analysis solution for classified environments

Immediate access to accurate information is critical for national security, but classified environments present a unique set of challenges with regard to research, analysis and information sharing and storage. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications lack the security mechanisms they require. Until now, there were few viable solutions that successfully met the challenging and evolving knowledge discovery and management needs in classified environments.

Unprecedented Access to Timely Information

Intelligent Apprentice - DashboardENSCO’s Intelligent Apprentice™ is an intuitive research and analysis application specifically developed for classified environments. It is a knowledge application that integrates leading-edge technologies into a capability that can provide users unprecedented access to information in real time, and allows content to be stored in a central repository or simply links to the various pockets of information.

The web-based application integrates various COTS software and hardware components into a single program that provides a flexible data processing pipeline for conversion and enrichment, indexes and catalogs content for rapid search and retrieval, controls access through user permissions, and provides personnel the ability to automate, create and manage metadata.

More Effective Research and Search Results

Intelligent Apprentice - Temporal Timeline SearchIntelligent Apprentice brings together an XML server, an entity extractor, a temporal application, and Google Maps™ software to allow visualization of search results geographically, textually and temporally. This combination of tools gives users the ability to more effectively research a wide range of data from a singular source. In gathering information, analysts can search, navigate and filter to find critical information.

Smart Data

Intelligent Apprentice - Map/Spatial SearchThe three key features of Intelligent Apprentice data results — textual, spatial and temporal — allow analysts the benefit of seeing corollary relationships within data. For example, when textual data is placed on a map or organized temporally, trends in geographic or time density can emerge. Although Intelligent Apprentice currently operates with three essential search features, the application can be customized with additional search tools.

Intuitive Interface

Intelligent Apprentice - Textual SearchIntelligent Apprentice’s intuitive software can be immediately accessed without the need for extensive training. Because Intelligent Apprentice is executed through the bundling of existing COTS, it is readily accessible to the end user, while meeting the intense security requirements of the classified operational environment.


The ENSCO Advantage

As with all ENSCO solutions, our Intelligent Apprentice represents true ENSCO value — the benefit of more than four decades of advanced engineering, research and development combined with real-world industry experience. We stand ready to solve your most difficult challenges.

Intelligent Apprentice Advanced Security Features

  • Customized information access by Controlled Access Program Coordination Office (CAPCO) markings
  • Department of Defense Discovery
  • Metadata Specifications (DDMS) compliant for community information sharing
  • Multiple authentication models
  • Full audit capability
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for access

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