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CBRN Solutions

ENSCO, Inc. has a 25-year legacy of developing technologies and services that safeguard our customer’s national security missions and valuable assets at home and abroad. We combine commercial-off-the-shelf technologies with innovative enhancements to solve current and future threats.

ENSCO CBRN Solutions

Security Assessments-ENSCO CBRN Solutions

ASSESS — Security Assessments

ENSCO’s security consulting staff provides world-class vulnerability assessments and security recommendations to protect personnel, facilities and operations for a wide variety of entities, from hospitals to critical command and control facilities.

ChemBio Detector Placement Optimization-ENSCO CBRN Solutions

DECIDE — CB Detector Placement Optimization

The ENSCO integrated decision support tool protects warfighters by positioning the right detector, in the right place, at the right time.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Biology Modeling-ENSCO CBRN

PREDICT — Atmospheric Chemistry and Biology Modeling

Our state-of-the-art chemistry and biology model captures the fundamental atmospheric reactions and interactions of toxic compounds/materials as they are transported downwind from a release to provide a more realistic depiction of the resulting hazard area.

SENTRY, CBRN Warning and Decision Support System-ENSCO CBRN

WARN — SENTRY, Early Warning and Decision Support System

A state-of-the-art early warning and decision support system, SENTRY helps government entities, businesses and private institutions protect against and respond to terrorism, criminal activity and natural disasters.



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