Vision System Applications

ENSCO’s vision system applications are enhancements to our core products that are based on specific needs identified in a particular warfare or civilian environment.

Vision System ApplicationsThese enhancements are integrated with TSVS to tailor the system to meet the user’s needs. This feature-rich product with tailored capabilities enables pilots, operators, and command and control decision makers to observe the tactical environment from any perspective.

TSVS was designed to operate in general purpose graphics hardware and can be hosted on a variety of airborne or ground-based systems. It can also be integrated into existing displays, which significantly reduces integration costs.

Vision System Applications

Urban Warfare (UW)

Urban Warfare

TSVS is a valuable tool for aircrews engaged in missions in urban environments because it goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional tactical display. TSVS produces a computer-generated image of the external scene topography that is derived from aircraft state, a high-precision navigational solution, and government-furnished databases defining cultural features, such as buildings, towers, power lines, etc.

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)

Anti-submarine Warfare

As an anti-submarine warfare tool, TSVS offers military aircrews an understanding of their operational environment that far exceeds traditional 2-D tactical displays. TSVS processes information from terrain and bathymetry databases, acoustic propagation models, and real-time information from onboard sensors, e.g., acoustic, radar, electronic warfare, etc., and outside sources, including tactical data links and intelligence.

Mine Warfare

TSVS easily integrates with different systems from a stand-alone laptop to fully interfacing with an existing combat system to display information generated by mine hunting systems. TSVS can be operated on surface ships, submarines and by special operating forces teams using semi-submersible vehicles to provide data processing, display, recording, and mission analysis capabilities.

Joint Mission Planning System

TSVS can be integrated with a Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) to improve pilot situational awareness by adding a 3-D display to the current 2-D maps. The modified JMPS will provide the user with a high-resolution 2-D/3-D synthetic image of the mission area, greatly improving the availability and quality of information necessary for mission-critical decisions.




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