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Vision Systems Solutions

ENSCO Avionics specializes in synthetic, enhanced and combined vision systems development. These technologies can help solve military and commercial operational challenges where aircraft situational awareness, safety-of-flight, and tactical decision making are critical.

Vision Systems SolutionsENSCO originally designed and developed the Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) for the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland. TSVS presents a real-time 3-D display that eliminates atmospheric obscurations and synthesizes information from multiple sources into a single, clear, accurate image of the external environment. TSVS is an evolving system, growing and adapting to the changing needs of today’s military and civilian agencies.

The Combined Vision System (CVS) goes a step further combining Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), including Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and millimeter wave radar to provide images of external terrain, with the TSVS. The CVS is the ultimate vision system, offering a clear, unobstructed 3-D display of the area.

Vision Systems SolutionsThis 3-D display format also lends itself to the presentation of other relevant information such as:

  • Environmental data
    • Weather and ocean acoustic information
  • Position of air, surface,subsurface platforms
  • Projected movement paths
  • Deployed sensors
  • Computed sensor coverage envelopes
  • Acoustic propagation paths
  • Communication data link presentations
  • Deployed weapons with projected movement

Vision Systems Solutions

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS)

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS)

TSVS is an electronic means to provide the flight crew with a computer-generated image of the external scene topography that is derived from: (1) aircraft state data, e.g., heading, airspeed, altitude, and attitude (2) precision navigation state data, e.g., position, track, groundspeed (3) databases containing information on terrain, obstacles, navigation aids, airspace, and relevant cultural features.

Combined Vision System (CVS)

Combined Vision System (CVS)

CVS supports enhanced Situational Awareness (SA) for safety-of-flight and for tactical decision making during all flight and mission phases. CVS provides operators with the best information available from TSVS and CVS and overcomes the limitations of Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) and SVS by fusing all the image information into a single image. The image produced by this unique fusion process portrays a more complete view of the environment around the platform.

Vision System Applications

Vision System Applications

ENSCO’s vision system applications are enhancements to our core products that are based on specific needs identified in a particular warfare or civilian environment. These enhancements are integrated with our TSVS and/or CVS, tailoring the system to meet the user’s needs.




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