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IData® is a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS), innovative software development toolkit for creating and deploying Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications for safety-critical environments.

IData Overview

The IData® Tool Suite is the only data driven HMI application development and deployment environment on the market. IData offers a rich set of advanced features with seamless integrations for digital moving maps (IDataMap) and for 3-D (IData3D) views to design powerful and functional HMI applications that can run on a number of target platforms. Using IData’s innovative technology, developers can create HMI applications for numerous end-user projects in different industries.

IData - seamless integrations for digital moving maps (IDataMap) and for 3-D (IData3D) views.

IData Tool Suite — A Complete Toolkit

Note: Items in blue are ENSCO Avionics IData® products


  • IData Modeler is a cost-effective HMI interactive development environment that includes a built-in simulator, texture font generator, a test data generator, and a host of performance focused features to create highly detailed behavioral graphics displays.
  • HSL Generator generates a display database from the design created within the IData Designer. This HSL data file is used by the IData Runtime running on your desired target platform. The HSL Generator provides IData users with the IData Runtime for both Windows-based and Linux target systems. An HSL generator can support as many as five designer seats in a design cluster.
  • IDataMap is an add-on module that offers high-performance 2-D digital map displays and geospatial visualization capabilities based on industry standard data formats.
  • IData3D is a high-performance, real-time 3-D scene management library module that renders 3-D data content from industry standard tools on desktop and embedded platforms.
  • IData Runtime provides the means to deploy IData applications on the target system of choice, including any RTOS, any OpenGL® subset, or other target platform.
  • IData Font Generator can take any system-based font and convert it for use in an IData application and control the point size, texture size, and character size.
  • IData TestData Generator enables the designer to easily load the variables into the TestData Generator, control the values, and observe the design's reaction to the simulated data. IData gives the designer the ability to test an application without the need for a connection to the computer providing the real-time aircraft information.

IData Benefits

  • Delivers Robust Performance — Whether using third party or ENSCO supplied OpenGL® solutions, IData makes it easy to meet performance requirements on all classes of embedded hardware with its unique functionalities, such as multi-rate rendering, separately addressable shapes, and the drawing plane interface.
  • Delivers Advanced Capabilities — Adding ENSCO-supplied or third party modules, such as digital mapping, 3-D scene management, video handling, and turnkey reusable widget libraries gives application developers access to advanced capabilities.
  • Reduces Life Cycle Costs — IData offers integrated, powerful, open architecture model-based development that meets certification requirements, such as DO-178C for avionics.
  • Delays Obsolescence — Obsolescence and portability risks are reduced by eliminating the representation of HMIs, graphics data, and behavioral logic as source code due to IData's content-driven application development environment that concentrates on efficient content rendering pipelines.

IData Features

  • True Rapid Prototyping — IData’s Runtime processes the data file produced by the HSL Generator in real time. A hardware (target system) shut down and reboot is not required to use the new data files (HSL data), which enhances man-in-the-loop testing and updates changes to the application’s displays and behaviors on the fly.
  • Drawing Plane Interface (DPI) — This powerful feature of IData allows designers to take legacy OpenGL code or a third party application into an IData application.
  • IData Widget Library — The library houses a prebuilt dropdown list, combo boxes, list boxes, tab panels, radio buttons, scroll bars, and text entry fields to give an application advanced user input capabilities.
  • IData Simulator — This internal simulation tool allows developers to run their application within IData and quickly view the look and feel of the final application.
  • IData DO-178C Certification Kit — This kit contains the set of DO-178C (DAL A-C) artifacts that support applications for those seeking FAA or regulatory approval.
  • OpenGL ES/SC Compliance — All IData products adhere to the Khronos OpenGL ES and SC specifications for safety critical applications

IData Applications

  • Commercial and Business Aviation
    IData was developed to follow the strict safety-critical standards for commercial aircraft cockpit design. With its 2-D and 3-D plug-ins, designers can easily create situational awareness displays with digital maps and Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) with synthetic vision. IData customers can be confident that displays will meet the rigors of DO-178C with the use of IData’s Certification Documentation for the IData Runtime.
  • Aerospace and Defense Industries
    IData is ideally suited for both digital and analog instrumentation, flat-panel display symbology, heads-up displays (HUDs), interactive virtual consoles, tactical digital map displays, and immersive training. The powerful development environment dramatically shortens development time for embedded cockpit displays, flight simulators, and aircraft trainers. Additionally, the toolset can be used in man-in-the-loop scenarios to measure stimuli responses.
  • Command-and-Control
    Command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems, whether for situational awareness or unmanned vehicle control, require powerful digital maps, 3-D terrain, standard symbology sets, flexible symbology overlays, video handling, and powerful user interaction. IData offers developers comprehensive built-in capabilities to create tomorrow’s C4ISR systems, such as full-alpha blending and automatic geo-registration of models when draping charts over 3-D terrain.
  • Industrial Automation
    Whether on a shop floor, in a factory, or a distribution center, automation and monitoring of processes are required to achieve an efficient working environment and comply with industry standards. IData provides specialized tools, such as the TestData Generator, to easily drive the monitoring devices of the user’s system and to test new designs and processes before they are implemented. IData addresses system ergonomic requirements, whether deploying touch interactive displays, interactive graphics, flexible data inputs, single screen, or networked display systems. Designs are portable to low cost or handheld platforms.
  • Transportation Industry
    The origins of the IData Tool Suite stem from the need to easily create high-performance and highly reliable cockpit displays. The same rigorous behavioral graphics are needed in the transportation industry. With IData’s integrated map and 3-D imagery, destination routing and re-routing can be sent to the associated displays for the driver or dispatcher as required. Because of the robust performance of the deployed display system, many fleet vehicles can be tracked and displayed simultaneously using IData. Full-tabular data that shows weights and measures, bills of lading, and local tolls and tariffs can be displayed and updated as needed.




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