ENSCO is developing a commercially available and licensed sensor integration and decision support system based on more than 15 years of success with SENTRY and SenseNet. The system will provide decision makers with a rapid interpretation of an incident based on all available sensor evidence. The system will assimilate information from multiple sensors, accurately and reliably describe a hazardous event, and reduce system-level false alarms.

Future Features & Benefits

  • Flexible: Provides a common platform for many applications, including border and facility protection; automated camera control and video processing; and security and facility health.
  • Adaptable: An open architecture cloud-based software system designed to be readily adaptable to meet customer requirements for both fixed and mobile configurations.
  • Scalable: Accepts a variety of data types, including time series, spectra, extracted features, alarms, status, pictures and video data. The system manages each sensor interface via a plug-in architecture, allowing an unlimited number of new sensors to be added to the system seamlessly.
  • Dependable: Event-based, multi-sensor automated detection analysis. The system provides correlated information from multiple sensors and reduces false and nuisance alarms.
  • Proven: Built around ENSCO’s patented sensor integration capability and currently in use at key Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security facilities in the National Capital region.
  • Customizable: Provides tailored operator decision aids, and additional reporting and annunciation options.

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