ENSCO is part of the SenseNet team that is developing a faster, less expensive biothreat detection system to increase the effectiveness of current systems. The goal of the SenseNet program is to enhance existing infrastructure and commercial systems to provide an additional level of efficiency and accuracy for decision-makers in the defense and military communities. The hope for the future is that the tool will be made available for use by decision-makers who are charged with the security of public areas, such as airports, shopping centers, and public venues.

ENSCO has a long legacy of developing technologies and applications for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) warning and decision systems. By leveraging scientific and engineering capabilities from our previous experience in the area, ENSCO is able to combine commercial-off-the-shelf technologies with innovative enhancements to current systems and infrastructures to meet the needs of the SenseNet program.

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SenseNet – Advanced Bio-threat Detection System

FAR, ENSCO’s False Alarm Reduction tool, shows our proprietary hybrid algorithm for separating signal from noise. We demonstrate this with a simulated hazardous release in a sample hospital. (No hospitals were harmed in the making of this demo.)

The demo is available as a web application within ENSCO’s network.

The SENTRY system architecture was expanded to permit plug-and-play modularity for such new strategic elements as FAR and Optimal Sensor Placement, resulting in robust hazard detection and accurate source location with the fewest necessary sensors.

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