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IData Visual Systems®

An embedded graphical application must meet the rigors of real-world performance and reliability on constrained resources. IData® achieves this, while offering the flexibility to integrate with real-time operating systems, and numerous hardware and software configurations. The tool set supports dynamic graphical data displays with innovative user interaction, live video, sensor data, and powerful geospatial information with complex 3-D content.

The IData Advantage

Responsiveness and reliability are critical in environments with constrained computing resources and small footprints. IData® offers easy-to-use content creation tools that enable developers to rapidly prototype graphical displays. In IData, graphical and logical content are not represented as source code, but as optimized data arrays, encoding both the graphical appearance and logical behaviors of graphical objects into a fast rendering format supported by the IData Runtime. Changes to content in a graphical application simply require changes to the data, not rendering the application itself. This enables deployment of new capabilities in the most reliable and cost-efficient capacity to new target platforms or anywhere the IData Runtime has been ported.

Perfect for Many Applications

IData has been successfully deployed in diverse applications from safety-critical DO-178C certified cockpit displays to Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) control systems and ground stations. IData’s tightly integrated digital moving map generator (IDataMap) and 3-D scene manager (IData3D) enable applications, such as in-flight entertainment, navigation systems, and synthetic vision displays that require geo-registered information to be easily implemented. A single application can be hosted on a variety of target systems from small smartphone type devices to war room displays and typical avionics cockpit displays.

IData® Tool Suite – A Complete Toolkit

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Windows-based desktop modeling environment for creating and deploying interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications for safety-critical embedded displays.

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A fully integrated digital mapping tool offering designers the ability to add high-performance and high-fidelity digital moving maps to displays.


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A safety-critical, deterministic, DO-178C certifiable OpenGL® SC 1.0 software rasterizer.

Visit IData Technical Support Center

IData Technical Support

IData Technical Support Center

Our online technical support center is now available. In continuing efforts to improve our customer’s experiences with the IData Tool Suite and IGL, we have created a technical website dedicated to the technical aspects of our tools.



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IData Technical Support


Visit our IData Technical Support Center.

The latest release of IData v3.2 is available.

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