ENSCO Avionics partners with industry leaders, distributors and local representatives around the world to provide customers access to our software solutions. Our resellers are trained in the latest releases of our IData® product lines.

Our International Resellers


Coordinate Co., Ltd - ENSCO Avionics Partner - ResellerCoordinate Co., Ltd. is a high-technology company focusing on real-time embedded solutions and services for aerospace, aviation, ship, and electronic customers that need embedded systems. The company is headquartered in Beijing with branch offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Visual Technology Industry Limited - ENSCO Avionics Partner, ResellerVisual Technology Industry Limited is a leading Chinese simulation and virtual reality system solutions provider, located in Beijing. The company’s solutions include IGs, display systems, simulation and virtual reality products, and serve international and Chinese markets.



Tess-Com, Inc. - ENSCO Avionics Partner, ResellerTess-Com, Inc. provides solutions for modeling, simulation, design, development, integration, and deployment of complex systems through the use of COTS tools, the development of training systems and real-time simulations, and customer support through the life cycle of the product.



Expando Systems AB - ENSCO Avionics Partner, ResellerExpando Systems AB is a leading supplier of data networking, including Mil-Std-1553, ARINC 429, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel motion feedback components and systems for the military and aerospace markets.

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