IDataMap is a powerful add-on module to IData® that offers HMI developers the ability to add high performance and high fidelity 2-D and 3-D digital moving maps to their displays. Suitable for both military and commercial applications, the rich set of features and embedded performance in IDataMap enhance situational awareness capabilities to any type of display.

2-D and 3-D Digital Map Toolset

IDataMap - 2D/3D Digital Map ToolsetA true toolset, IDataMap offers developers the flexibility to create digital mapping solutions without having to rely on a prepackage set of functionalities. IDataMap uses the same data source for creating 2-D and 3-D views, thus ensuring that all images and symbologies are properly geo-synchronized across different views within the same display.

Portability of Design

IDataMap - Portability of DesignIDataMap is portable and can run on a number of different hardware, RTOS and GPU combinations. It supports industry standards, such as OpenGL® ES and SC for safety-critical applications.

Powerful Importer

IDataMap - Digital Moving Map, ARINCIDataMap importing tools allow a user to import all types of map formats. Map formats can be used as a single layer, or as multiple map types, with control over the layers that are being displayed.

  • DTED 0,1,2,3, RDTED
  • Vector (VMAP, ARINC 424, DAFIF)
  • CADRG (All ranges)
  • Satellite/Imagery
  • GeoTIFF

Open Architecture

IDataMap - Open ArchitectureThe IDataMap plug-in system allows users to create their own plug-ins to define user functionality. The user can define custom symbology and automatically load navigational databases.

Rich Functionality

IDataMap - Rich FunctionalityControl every aspect of your 2-D or 3-D display with the IDataMap rich set of control functions

  • Panning, zooming, rotation, orientation (North up, track up, heading up)
  • Input and cursor control
  • Color banding for elevation and TAWS displays
  • Coordinate conversions
  • User defined color bands
  • Contour lines and slope shading
  • Height above terrain


IDataMap - ApplicationsIDataMap is ideally suited for military and commercial applications, and is certifiable to DO-178C DAL A. IData combined with IDataMap offers designers a powerful development environment for designing the next generation of situational awareness displays.

  • Synthetic vision and TAWS
  • Navigation systems
  • UAS ground stations
  • FAA Traffic information systems
  • Tracking/Information systems

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