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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Solutions

Domain expertise, technical depth, and track record of performance qualify ENSCO as a leading integrator of products, systems and services for UAS deployment solutions to maximize safety, improve efficiency, and provide timely operations.

Previously used primarily in military operations, UAS are increasingly useful in non-military initiatives, such as agriculture, law enforcement, disasters and more. Merging our experience working with branches of the armed forces, the FAA, and national security groups with our capabilities in avionics software and flight systems, global meteorological forecasting, and integrated sensor and systems positions ENSCO to design, build and certify UAS for operation in the National Airspace System.

ENSCO is working with Space Florida on the Florida UAS initiative to develop the architecture and operational concept to build a test site for UAS. The research and development site will test for safety and airworthiness of UAS for use in the National Airspace System.

ENSCO UAS Solutions


Ensuring safe and effective UAS operation through software design, development, testing and certification

C2 – Command & Control

Enhancing situational awareness through synthetic vision systems and embedded graphical applications

Mission Support

Supporting mission success through position, navigation and timing solutions and CBRN modeling

Weather Support

Delivering critical meteorological modeling, forecasting, mission assurance, and safety



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