Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

UAS are quickly becoming a reality of life. Not only has the military expanded their use, the civilian sector is now developing UAS for missions, ranging from agriculture to law enforcement to search and rescue, without risking lives and injury. Congress has approved widespread UAS use by late 2015. As a result, the FAA is working to mandate guidance for their use in civilian airspace.

Ensuring safe and effective UAS operation through software design, development, testing and certification

UAS, Unmanned Aircraft Systems - ENSCO Avionics Software Design Development, Testing, CertificationOur experience in software design, development and testing helps ensure Unmanned Aircraft Systems will continue to meet their mission objectives safely and effectively.

Our engineering teams can develop and certify both airborne and ground-based systems through our extensive experience with:

  • Graphical and HMI display systems
  • 3-D Vision and situational awareness solutions
  • Embedded flight and engine controls

UAS guidelines for operation and ground control stations

  • DO-178C
  • DO-278A
  • DO-254
  • DO-304
  • NATO STANAG 4671

Enhancing situational awareness through synthetic vision systems and embedded graphical applications

ENSCO synthetic vision systems and tools are the optimal choice for UAS dynamic ground station display applications, deploying synthetic and enhanced vision systems to solve military and commercial operational challenges where aircraft situational awareness, safety-of-flight, and tactical decision making are critical.

IData Visual Systems® for UAS Ground Control Station Displays

IData® Visual Systems for UAS Ground Control Station DisplaysThe IData® tools produce customized, efficient and certifiable embedded graphical applications. The true rapid prototyping process offers both a time- and cost-saving advantage for development of avionics display applications.

The ease of use and diversity of the IData tools have applications in areas from safety-critical DO-178C certified cockpit displays to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) controls and ground stations. IData’s tightly integrated digital moving map generator and 3-D scene manager enable applications, such as in-flight entertainment, navigation systems, and synthetic vision displays, which require geo-registered information, to be easily implemented. A single application can be hosted on a variety of target systems from small smartphone type devices to war room displays and typical avionics cockpit displays.

  • Tools designed to produce efficient and certifiable embedded graphical applications
  • Cross-platform software development tools for creating and deploying HMI applications
  • True Rapid Prototyping allows HMI changes on the fly, which supports “man in the loop testing”
  • Integrated digital geospatial data engines (2-D map and 3-D scene)
  • Platform independent IData Runtime

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) — A Software Solution for UAS

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) for UASThe Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) can be integrated into a UAS ground control station to display the vehicle’s position relative to terrain, urban features, obstacles, controlled airspace, special use airspace, and threat volume. TSVS offers a real-time image that eliminates atmospheric obscurations and synthesizes information from multiple sources into a single, clear, accurate 3-D display of the external environment.

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) for UASIn simple terms, TSVS allows the UAS ground pilot to see through haze, clouds, fog, rain, snow, dust or smoke, and simulates what is seen during good weather in daylight. The 3-D image can be viewed from the pilot’s perspective (ego-centric view) or from a wingman’s perspective (exo-centric view). TSVS has the capability to process UAS sensor information and tactical data link information into the image to provide the operator an enhanced view of the operational area, including the display of land points, air platforms, and friendly, neutral and hostile land tracks.

TSVS offers critical situational awareness to decision makers in ground control stations. Having complete, accurate and up to the minute awareness of the surroundings is essential to UAS mission success.


For more information about UAS guidelines, visit the RTCA and NATO websites.




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