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ENSCO Avionics Canada Inc.
A wholly owned subsidiary of ENSCO, Inc.

ENSCO Avionics Canada Inc. provides safety- and mission-critical engineering, software/hardware engineering, vision systems solutions, and IData Visual Systems® to the aerospace industry through specific focus on DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, SEAL and military standards. With more than two decades of experience providing avionics system development and solutions to commercial and military customers worldwide, ENSCO Avionics Canada maintains a base of operation in Montréal, Québec.

ENSCO Avionics Canada Services

Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UAS - ENSCO Avionics Canada

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Ensuring safe and effective UAS operation through software design, development, testing and certification


Safety Mission-critical Avionics Engineering - ENSCO Avionics Canada

Safety- and Mission-critical Avionics Engineering

Experienced with both military and commercial system lifecycle standards, including ISO, IEEE, EIA/IS, ISO/EIC, Mil-Stds, DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, as well as specific ARINC and Airframer Standards

DO-178B and DO-178C Software Engineering, DO-254 Hardware Engineering - ENSCO Avionics Canada

Software and Hardware Engineering

Providing DO-178B/C full and partial turn-key software development solutions and supporting DO-254 development and verification needs of hardware requirements based on size, complexity and design assurance levels 

System Software Verification and Software Unit Test Services, ENSCO Avionics Canada

Verification and Unit Test

Verification of systems and software in compliance with rigorous, formal standards including DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-254 and DO-278B and a highly efficient software unit testing team, coupled with mature test processes and infrastructure

Transport Canada Compliancy Services - ENSCO Avionics Canada

Transport Canada Compliancy Services

ENSCO’s avionics solutions group offers a wide range of Transport Canada and FAA aircraft system and equipment certification, as well as consultation services.

Avionics Canada Gap Analysis and Process Consultation

Gap Analysis and Process Consultation

Using gap analysis to assess current DO-178B, DO-178C and DO-254 processes and performance


Vision Systems Solutions

Combined Vision System (CVS)

Combined Vision System (CVS)

CVS supports enhanced Situational Awareness (SA) for safety-of-flight and for tactical decision making during all flight and mission phases. CVS provides operators with the best information available from TSVS and CVS and overcomes the limitations of Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) and SVS by fusing all the image information into a single image. The image produced by this unique fusion process portrays a more complete view of the environment around the platform.

IData Visual Systems, ENSCO Avionics

IData Visual Systems®

The IData® tools produce customized, efficient and certifiable embedded graphical applications. The true rapid prototyping process offers both a time- and cost-saving advantage for development of avionics display applications.





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