ENSCO is a recognized expert in many areas of weather forecasting. ENSCO’s meteorology product line is designed to bring comprehensive meteorological data clearly and efficiently to decision makers.

ENSCO’s MetWise® family of products and data services is a real time and analytical weather system that ingest sensor data and use advanced analytical models and techniques to display the data to end users in the aviation, launch and utilities communities. With our source of National Weather Service data delivered from all over the world via NOAAPORT, we are able to provide up to the minute, high resolution weather models and observations.


STARS enables end-users to build custom simulations for any application, including aerospace, automotive, or industrial.

Simulation, Test and Recording System (STARS)


ENSCO's MetWise® family of products and services can be used to visualize all types of meteorological information and enable users to create and distribute the most effective decision assistance tools.

MetWise – Weather Decision Support Tool

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