ENSCO celebrates 45 Years

History of ENSCO

For more than four decades, the ENSCO group of companies has been providing ingenious engineering, science and advanced technology solutions that guarantee mission success, safety and security to governments and private industries around the globe. We operate in the defense, transportation, aerospace and intelligence sectors.

1969: In the Beginning

ENSCO building 19691969 was a year of scientific advancements for the United States — a time when our nation expected giant leaps in science and technology. NASA launched Apollo 9, the first ARPANET link was established, and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. It was the same year that Dr. Paul Broome incorporated ENSCO and opened for business, March 31. ENSCO grew from Dr. Broome’s purchase of  the Analytical Systems Division of Comtel that he founded in October of the previous year.


ENSCO Rail Track Geometry Car TestingWith beginnings in signal analysis, ENSCO quickly expanded into national defense, ground transportation and sub-surface geophysics. By 1977, the company had grown from the original four employees to 295, with locations from coast to coast. During the late 1970s, ENSCO was awarded a contract totaling $9.7 million from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the largest contract received to that date. The company also contracted for the FRA's Automated Track Inspection Program (ATIP), a program that we continue to run.


ENSCO Track Geometry Measurement SystemIn the early 1980s, ENSCO branched into the commercial world with automated sensors, detection alarm system research and development, electromagnetic reflection profiling, and research into the use of signal processing to measure physiological parameters. As it turned out, government contracts made up the successful path that ENSCO followed in the 1980s.

ENSCO Security - Nuclear Test Monitoring The company continued to grow — contracting with China to build a Track Geometry Measurement System, developing the Meteorological and Range Safety Support program for the Kennedy Space Center, and expanded to Melbourne, Fla. With the expansion came a greater focus on innovative solutions, such as the inertial-based, non-contact track measurement system that ENSCO engineers built for the Canadian Pacific Railway, and tunnel detection technologies developed to protect the 1988 summer Olympics. ENSCO also opened an office in Upstate New York and expanded into the avionics market through systems development support on various commercial and military platforms.


ENSCO Applied Meteorology Unit (AMU)By the beginning of the 1990s, ENSCO had 19 office sites in nine states and an international presence in Beijing, China. Four hundred employees were committed to the management’s philosophy of innovation and quality. Our work expanded in scope — research and development that included a MAGLEV program and work for the Defense Nuclear Agency. In 1991, ENSCO won the NASA contract to design and operate the Applied Meteorology Unit at the Kennedy Space Center, a program that we continue to lead.


ENSCO Security-SENTRY CBRN warning and decision support systemThe fall of 2001 changed our nation’s and ENSCO’s focus. Our national security work took on new importance and grew as the nation’s need for it grew. ENSCO's vulnerability assessment work expanded, and we developed technology for faster baggage scanning in airports. There was a greater need for SENTRY, ENSCO's chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) warning and decision support system for large buildings and compound security. We fine-tuned MicroSearch®, a system that detects human presence in cargo and vehicles. We produced transformative technologies in other areas, such as a GPS-denied tracking device, an improved efficient system for inspecting railroad joint bars, and chemistry initiatives to better protect our nation.

Today and Beyond

ENSCO Avionics DO178B, DO254In 2012, ENSCO, Inc., initiated corporate restructuring and created wholly owned subsidiaries to concentrate on distinct market areas and better manage corporate liability. ENSCO Avionics and ENSCO Avionics Canada now serve the aerospace industry, and ENSCO Rail and ENSCO Rail Australia Pty Ltd provide commercial track inspection products and services, and the security product, MicroSearch®.

Throughout our more than 45 years, the core values of ENSCO have not changed. Our mission is to efficiently and effectively create intelligent solutions for our customers. With the highest level of professionalism and integrity, we continue to translate vision into innovative results.


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