Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) —
A Software Solution for Precise 3-D Spatial Awareness

Delivers tactical information in an easily interpreted and intuitive user format

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) - A Software Solution for Precise 3-D Spatial AwarenessThe Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS) processes information from multiple sources into a single 3-D display, allowing air crews to observe tactical information in a format that is easy to interpret and intuitive to use.

TSVS combines data from multiple sources

  • Position of air, ground surface and subsurface platforms
  • Projected paths of platforms
  • Communication links presentations
  • Deployed weapons and projected paths
  • Current tactical environment
  • Future tactical environments

Flexible, Dynamic Perspective

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS)Users can change the perspective to analyze the environment from different vantage points, i.e., inside the aircraft from the pilot’s view or outside the aircraft, including viewing the scene from above or below the ocean surface. TSVS allows operators to change the viewing angle to maximize situational awareness of a given environment. 

Visibility in All Weather Conditions

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS)TSVS uses databases to create a visual picture similar to what the flight crew would see out the window in good weather during daylight. This essentially allows flight crews to see through low visibility/poor weather conditions.

Visual Portrayal of Invisible Boundaries

TSVS provides pilots with a clear 3-D image of

  • No fly zones
  • Controlled and special use air space
  • Threat envelopes

2-D Display Mode

Tactical Synthetic Vision System (TSVS)2-D display is occasionally preferred to the 3-D display

  • View large areas to obtain a tactical overview
  • The 2-D mode implements unrestricted pan and zoom capabilities
  • Chart or map-like view with optional chart and informational overlays
  • Ability to move between views gives users greater flexibility and improves situational awareness

Urban Feature Data Display

TSVS is the first display to integrate tactical data link information with urban feature data. This provides enhanced situational awareness by allowing users to highlight buildings or other structures to make them easier to identify during periods of high workload.



The Tactical Synthetic Vision System is an ITAR restricted Product. This has been approved for distribution.


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