Reliable, Efficient Human Presence Detection for a Variety of Security Inspection Applications

MicroSearch is ideal for vehicle and container inspections at correctional facilities, border crossings, ferry ports, seaports and high-value facilities. MicroSearch® is a one-of-a-kind security inspection system that detects human beings hiding in vehicles or containers loaded on vehicles by sensing the vibrations caused by the human heartbeat.

MicroSearch Applications

MicroSearch offers fast, accurate human presence detection for a variety of security applications, including:

Typical Application Standard Enhanced
Correctional Facilities and Jails yes yes
Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking   yes
Cargo and Maritime Security   yes
Airport and Air Cargo Security   yes
Critical Infrastructure Protection yes yes


MicroSearch Benefits

  • Reliability — Accurate results in a variety of environmental conditions, including dry, dusty, wet and hot/cold environments
  • Speed — Fast processing for maximum efficiency
  • Accuracy — Lower false alarm rates than any other available product
  • Safety — No risk to operator or detected persons during operation
  • Unmatched flexibility  Portable and industrial versions meet your environmental or operational requirements. All systems have touch screen displays for ease of use.
  • Economy — Far less capital-intensive than dedicated vehicle/cargo X-ray machines
  • Light, compact sensors — Twice the holding power of previous sensors
  • Flexible cabling — Heavy duty connectors for maximum cable life
  • Superior data transfer — High-speed USB interface between the control box module and host computer

How MicroSearch Works

MicroSearch - Human Presence Detection SystemMicroSearch includes a computer, digital control box, small vehicle and ground sensors and cables. The magnetic vehicle sensors, when placed on a vehicle or a container, determine whether a human is inside without the time-consuming and expensive task of unloading and inspecting the entire vehicle or container and all of the contents. The ground sensors mitigate any nearby environmental vibrations for increased accuracy. The sensors, similar to those used to measure earthquakes, measure the tiny movements or vibrations transmitted to a suspension system. Based on the vibrations, MicroSearch indicates if an individual is present. In mere seconds, MicroSearch can determine whether or not a further search is required.

MicroSearch Specifications

ENSCO Technical Security, MicroSearch, Cargo vehicle inspection for human presenceMicroSearch is available in a desktop, laptop, or industrial workstation configuration, providing the flexibility to choose the host computer that best meets your needs.

The standard MicroSearch Cable Management System offers a durable, economic and easy to use solution for MicroSearch cable storage and management.

Available Languages

MicroSearch Available Languages-Sample Screenshot of ChineseMicroSearch software is available in the following languages:

  • Belgian (Flemish)
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Spanish

Additional languages can be supported upon request.

Sales and References

MicroSearch is deployed at hundreds of sites worldwide through a global network of sales distributors. Please contact ENSCO for the nearest distributor to your locality. References from MicroSearch clients worldwide are available upon request.


MicroSearch® is offered by ENSCO Rail, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ENSCO, Inc.


Contact Info

+1-800-367-2682, ext. 4420

   Sales: Option #1
   Tech support: Option #2

ENSCO has authorized resellers across the globe. Please contact us to find one near you.

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Some MicroSearch G2 replacement parts are no longer available.
MicroSearch G2 customers are eligible for a 30% discount to upgrade to MicroSearch version G3 or higher.

Contact us for details.


MicroSearch is a member of American Jail Association (AJA)

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